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Book: Zome Geometry

Zome Geometry

A helpful book for all Zometool builders! More than 60 excercises, challenges and ideas brought together in 25 chapters. Expand your Zometool-Horizon with this hands-on learning book. Suitable for use in the classroom.

Written by mathematician George W. Hart and teacher Henri Picciotto this books combines mathematics with innovative and realizable teaching concepts.

Gear Cube

Gear Cube

Are you ready to shift into the next gear? This Gear Cube is the next generation of the Rubik's Cube.

The Gear Cube takes the basic idea of a Rubik's Cube and uses this classic game to build a new concept. This Cube contains 3D-Elements which twist and turn as you shift the sides of the Cube around.

Mathematician's dice

Mathematician's dice

This die is special: It contains six of the most beautiful and important symbols of mathematics. The six symbols are: Zero, One, e, i, Pi and Phi.

Papercraft Model: Set “Discrete Minimal Surfaces”

Set “Discrete Minimal Surfaces”

This set contains three patterns for discrete minimal surfaces. They are surfaces of minimal area which occur naturally, for example in soap bubbles. There are different ways to define minimality but in some sense each of these surfaces is minimal.

Zometool: Green Lines

Green Lines

With the green struts, which were introduced to the Zometool universe at a later date, you can now build accurate octahedrons and tetrahedrons. These struts end with pentagons and thus belong in the same openings of the Zometool node as the red struts. Learn more...