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Mathematician's dice

0, 1, e, phi, and pi

This die is special: It contains six of the most beautiful and important symbols of mathematics. The six symbols are: Zero, One, e, i, Pi and Phi.

Math Dice

The six faces of these dice: 0, 1, e, Pi, i and Phi

You can use these dice to create your own games or recreate some famous equations like Euler's formula:

Euler's formula visualized using the math dice

Discover the wide range of combinations and connections of the six special symbols of mathematics.

Exponential function

You can invent your own games and use the math dice to play. For instance: Play in a group with your friends and cast your die or dice. Each player should find one formula incorporation all symbols given by your throw(s). How ever finishes first or uses the least amount of additional signs, wins! Just to give you some idea what is possible:

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