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Green Lines

Constructing archimedean solids

With the green struts, which were introduced to the Zometool universe at a later date, you can now build accurate octahedra and tetrahedra. These struts end with pentagons and thus belong in the same opneings as the red struts. Since the endings of the green struts are bent slightly they fit into the pentagonal hole in five different ways and can generate five different directions.

This kit also enables you to build all 13 archimedean solids.

Zometool Green Lines parts chart 222

The „Green Lines“-Kit comes with 220 Zometool components: 60 nodes, 144 green struts, and 18 blue struts

You can use green struts to divide a square (made from blue struts). This highlights a further feature of the green struts: While the blue struts, that form the square, are of length 1, the green strut, that represents the diagonal of the square, has the length root 2 – and thus is irrational. The ratio of the green struts among each other remains the same as with others: The lengths relate to each other since their ratio equals the golden ratio.

Zometool Green Lines: green struts as diagonals
Zome Green Struts five ways

Length and orientation of the green struts

When combining this kit with others, like “Creater 1” or “Creator 3”, you can create all platonic solids. Even the closely related Archimedean solids like the cuboctahedron or the rhombic dodecahedron as well as the Stella octangula are now possible!

Zometool Green Lines Cubeoctahedron and Rhombic Dodecahedron

These instructions come with the Kit. How to build two archimedean solids: cubeoctahedron and rhombic dodecahedron

Zometool Green Lines Truncated Octahedron

Instructions for the truncated octahedron, another archimedean solid

Stella Octangula Zometool Green Lines

The Stella Octangula (two tetrahedra combined) and the symmetric structure of this model

You can also use the green lines to truncate different solids. The instructions tell you in detail how you can transform a hexahedron (cube) into a truncated hexahedron – meaning the compound of the hexahedron with its dual, the octahedron:

Zometool Green Lines: Deconstruct a Cube using a Hexagon

How to use a cube (blue struts) to construct a hexagon (green struts)

Zometool Green lines truncated tetrahedron

Building a truncated tetrahedron

The green struts are also included in the kits “Creator 4”, “Platos solids” and “Keplers Kosmos”.

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