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Creator 1

Get started with Zometool

This system kit with 246 parts is the perfect introduction to the Zometool universe. The basic kit lets you create a variety of geometrical shapes. Following instructions or just playing with it – whatever you chose, geometry comes alive! It is also suitable for children aged 9 and above.

Zometool Creator 1 Parts Chart

All 246 parts of the Zometool Creator 1

The colored instructions explain the structures of different geometries. With this huge kit you can experience a multitude of geometrical solids and their relations on different levels of difficulty. Show your kids with this construction kit how manifold and exciting geometry can be.

Zometool Creator 1: Award

The essential part of the kit is the white node. The node has 62 exact openings in three different shapes. In addition, the numbers 2, 3 and 5 play an important role in the Zometool universe. You can find more information on the Zoometool system either in the instruction that is included in the kit or on our Zometool blog.

With this kit you can build the following geometries:

3D Models


Crystals and lattices

soap bubbles

These and more instructions can be found in the kit. More parts for bigger models are available in the “Creator 3”. Complement this kit with the set Green Lines to also build tetrahedrons and octahedrons!

You will receive all 246 parts in a transparent plastic case. Besides the white node you will receive three kinds of basic struts (red, blue, yellow) each in three different lengths. The package band already shows different models and gives valuable tips. You will also find further instructions and easy tasks in the colored manual, which is also included in the kit.

This kit is suitable for children age 9 and above.

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