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Nature at vismath

Film: Clouds are not Spheres

Clouds are not Spheres

This film tells the story of the life and work of Benoit Mandelbrot. A great innovator and discoverer of the Mandelbrot set and fractal geometry, Mandelbrot is a highly respected mathematician. Here, he tells his story about finding fractals and creating a new way of geometry.

Film: Is God a Number?

Is God a Number?

The universe as we know it is made from star dust which originated when stars collided millions of years ago. How high is the possibility of this collection of star dust to form the world we live in today? How nature works today seems like the work of a creator.

Film: The Colours of Infinity

The Colours of Infinity

Arthur C. Clarke takes us into the world of fractals. We learn about their discovery, their fascinating properties, and about the people who use them. Fractals have been discovered in the 1980s by Benoît Mandelbrot who is also interviewed in this movie.

Papercraft Model: Set “Discrete Minimal Surfaces”

Set “Discrete Minimal Surfaces”

This set contains three patterns for discrete minimal surfaces. They are surfaces of minimal area which occur naturally, for example in soap bubbles. There are different ways to define minimality but in some sense each of these surfaces is minimal.

Zometool: Creator 1

Creator 1

This is the kit to get started with Zometool. The colored instructions explain the structural properties of different geometries. With this kit you can experience a multitude of geometrical solids and their relations on different levels of difficulty. Show your kids with this construction kit how manifold and exciting geometry can be.