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Gear Cube

A new Rubik's Cube

Are you ready to shift into the next gear? This Gear Cube is the next generation of the Rubik's Cube.

The Gear Cube takes the basic idea of a Rubik's Cube and uses this classic game to build a new concept. This Cube contains 3D-Elements which twist and turn as you shift the sides of the Cube around.

The Gear Cube

The Gear Cube in its finished state

Based on the newly developed “inside” of the Cube the Gear Cube components can be moved effortless and without resistance. Its pleasant touch is just one of the things that may get you addicted.

And this is how the Gear Cube looks in Action:

Gear Cube

The Gear Cube during a turn (right)

Handling the Gear Cube is simple. Its sides have length of 5.7 cm each. Since it takes some logical and combinatorial skills we recommend the Gear Cube for puzzlers from 9 years.

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