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Film: Fermat's Last Tango

Fermat's Last Tango

Based on the true story of Andrew Wiles we get to follow a mathematician on the hunt for the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. But shortly after everything goes wrong: He realizes that his proof is not fully correct. In his desperation Fermats spirit pays him a visit and the hunt for the perfect proof begins...

Film: Flatland


Set in a world of only two dimensions inhabited by sentient geometrical shapes, the story follows Arthur Square and his ever-curious granddaughter Hex. When a mysterious visitor arrives from Spaceland, Arthur and Hex must come to terms with the truth of the third dimension, risking dire consequences from the evil Circles that have ruled Flatland for a thousand years.

Film: Hard Problems

Hard Problems

“Hard Problems” follows the six exceptional high school students who represented the United States in 2006 at the world's toughest math competition — the International Mathematical Olympiad IMO. Each year, the grueling and exhilarating contest pits the top teams from 90 countries against one another.

Film: Hotel Hilbert

Hotel Hilbert

It seems like a normal day for Fiona Knight when she is on the look out for a hotel room for tonight. But when she enters “Infinit Hotel” her night gets anything but normal. First off, the hotel manager tells her that every room is taken – just to declare that there will be enough free rooms for every new guest in the same breath...