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Hotel Hilbert

An Infinite Hotel

It seems like a normal day for Fiona Knight when she is on the look out for a hotel room for tonight. But when she enters “Infinit Hotel” her night gets anything but normal. First off, the hotel manager tells her that every room is taken – just to declare that there will be enough free rooms for every new guest in the same breath.

She is handed the key to room “1”. Before she can move into her room every other guest has to move on to the room next to their current room. Therefore, room “1” is now empty but what happened to the guest in the last room? Where did he move to?

He is also moving into the next room since the infinit Hotel Hilbert has no “last” room or “highest” floor.

When a tour group arrives at the hotel the same procedure to make rooms available starts over. Every guest – including Fiona – is moved up from his room. This time, they have to move into the room with the room number twice as big as their current number.

Fiona has a hard time understanding what is going on in this infinit hotel. But she is not the only one dealing with Infinity. She meets author Tristram Shandy who is writing his everlasting Memoir. As if that was not strange enough she also meets a man counting all the grains of sand in the world. There are a lot of them. But not infinitely many.

Get carried away into the world of infinity and its paradoxes and their perplexing explanations. Accompany Fiona Knight during her journey through this never ending hotel and learn how to call reception (“1”) using a telephone with only the two buttons “0” and “9”.

Caroline Ross-Pirie
Patrick Barlow
Susannah Doyle
Nicholas Gecks
Pat Keen
Motion pictures
Mathematical Topics
Number theory
David Hilbert
29 minutes
Year of Release
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