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Fermat's Last Tango

A Musical Fantasy

Based on the true story of Andrew Wiles this musical follows a mathematician on the hunt for a mathematical proof.

The story centers around Daniel Keane who was based on Wiles. He presents his proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. But shortly after his presentation everything goes wrong: He realizes that his proof is not flawless. Fermats spirit pays him a visit and the hunt for the perfect proof begins...

Fermat's Last Tango: A Musical Fantasy

In his mathematical and musical fantasy Keane is not only haunted by Fermat but also by Gauß, Pythagoras, Euclid, and Newton. They give him – more or less – helpful advice.

But mathematics it not all Keane is involved in his life. His wife starts to wonder why he is still searching for answers after working on this proof for more than seven years. But she doesn't know about the monumental problems her husband is faced with before completing the proof.

This musical plays with the fascination of mathematics. Some mathematicians are even cast under its spell. The musical realization of this topic also incorporates the fun and unexpected elements of math as well as its destructive powers.

David Stern
Gilles Chiasson
Edwardyne Cowan
Motion pictures
Mathematical Topics
Number theory
Pierre de Fermat
Mathematical proof
86 minutes 50 seconds
Year of Release
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