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Wooden Pattern Blocks (250 pieces)

Six geometric shapes

Pattern Blocks are a set of six geometric shapes constructed with uniform angles and sides, so that they fit together perfectly. This set contains 250 pieces of wooden Pattern Blocks, 10 mm thick.

Pattern Blocks helps children to learn all about the different shapes and symmetries in a playful way. The six shapes of the Pattern Blocks are an equiateral triangle, regular rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon, small rhombus and a square.

Wooden Pattern Blocks

All six geometric shapes of the Pattern Blocks

Children can use Pattern Blocks to playfully learn about shapes, geometry and symmetry. With the help of the color-coding kids quickly learn which shapes fit together – and which do not.

The building blocks are designed in such a way that they comprise each other. Thus, you can replace a hexagon with two trapezoids – or with three big rhombuses and so on and so forth. So you can also use these Pattern Blocks to learn about addition and fractions.

Learn about addition and fractions using Pattern Blocks

This way, children discover angles, sides and areas of the geometrical solids by themselves. Using either a template, a frame or just by playing – the Pattern Blocks offer room for inspiration to create symmetries, patterns, animals or ornaments.

All Pattern Blocks have uniform measurements. Different Pattern Blocks can thus be combined, even with the Pattern Blocks made from plastic.

The set consists of 250 parts. The wooden blocks are 10 mm thick and come in six different colors with each area corresponding with a certain color.

Pattern Blocks Symmetry

Also try out our additional learning material for the Pattern Blocks like the multi corner mirror.

Using this multi-angled mirror children can easily discover simple and multiple symmetries. The hand mirrors can also be used separately.

Distribution of shapes

One set includes a total of 250 pieces in six shapes. On set contains app.:

  • 50 x Trapezoid (red)
  • 50 x equilateral Triangle (green)
  • 50 x large Rhombus (blue)
  • 50 x small Rhombus (light brown)
  • 25 x Hexagon (yellow)
  • 25 x Square (orange)
For Children
Material: Wood
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