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Plastic Pattern Blocks

250 pieces + Box

Pattern Blocks are a set of geometric shapes made up from the same angles and measures so that they fit perfectly together. This set contains 250 pieces of plastic Pattern Blocks, 5 mm thick.

The six shapes of the Pattern Blocks are an equiateral triangle, regular rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon, small rhombus, and a square.

All six geometric shapes of the Pattern Blocks

Children can use Pattern Blocks to playfully learn about shapes, geometry and symmetry.

Two examples for using Pattern Blocks in the triangular frame and the hexagonal frame

You can also use these Pattern Blocks to learn about addition and fractions. For instance, substitute any yellow hexagon with two red trapezes or three blue rhombuses and so on.

This set of Pattern Blocks contains 250 pieces of 5 mm thick plastic shapes. The pieces come in a transparent box (size 26x15x14 cm) which you can use to neatly store away the pieces.

Also try out additional learning material for the Pattern Blocks like the multi corner mirror.

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