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Multi Corner-Mirror

A Pattern Blocks Addition

This set consists of two separate hand mirrors (each 10 cm x 15 cm) and a wood frame (16 cm x 16 cm) for experiments with geometry. The mirrors can be used separately or in combination with the wood frame to form an angled mirror. Thus, when used with the Pattern Blocks children can discover symmetries in an easy way.

Using one mirror, you can discover simple symmetries. With two mirrors you get two axes of symmetry and thanks to multiple reflections you get symmetries with respect to the lines as well as rotation symmetries.

Some examples with our Pattern Blocks:

Pattern Blocks Symmetry

Use the mirror to learn about symmetry.

Also ideal in combination with the Reflecting Pattern Cards for Pattern Blocks. On these cards you can see small geometrical patterns, which should be created with the help of the Pattern Blocks and the angled mirror. The backside of the card always shows the solution. This is what a symmetrical pattern could look like:

The pattern cards include 16 small tasks about symmetry

There are multiple ways to use the mirror. For example, you can use it with dices or with shapes made of paper. But they are especially useful when working with Pattern Blocks, which we offer in two different forms. The uniform colors and sizes enable you to combine any sets of Pattern Blocks with each other:

Pattern Blocks 5mm

This set includes 250 Pattern Blocks. Each piece is 5 mm thick and made of plastic. A separate box (26x15x14 cm) is also available so that you can store them in a safe and clean manner.

The set of Wooden Pattern Blocks includes 250 pieces, each 10 mm thick and made of solid wood. These come in six different colors and shapes, too. And again, each shape corresponds to a different color.

For Children
Material: Spiegel
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