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Set “Easy-Peasy”

Pyramids, Prisms and more

This set of paper craft patterns contains five geometric forms which can be crafted with very little effort. This set is managable for children aged 5 and older.

This set contains one copy of the following patterns:

  • Cuboid
  • Three-sided Prism
  • Six-sided Prism
  • Pyramid
  • Truncated Pyramid

All patterns at a glance (click to enlarge):

Paper Craft: Cuboid
Paper Craft: Prism
Paper Craft: Hexagonal Prism
Paper Craft: Pyramid
Paper Craft Pattern: Pyramid Frustum

The five patterns from this set of paper craft

The forms emerging from these patterns can be rediscovered by kids in their environment.

Pyramid Model
Pyramid Fristum
Six-sided Prism
Three-sided Prism
Cuboid Model

The five models from „Easy-Peasy“

Our paper craft patterns are high-quality color prints on 120g high-white ecofriendly paper in the DIN A3-format (29,7 cm x 42 cm).

Please note: The text at the head of every pattern is in German but you can look up all relevant information about these patterns online.

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Ulrich Reitebuch
Konrad Polthier
For Children
For beginners
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