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Numbers & Quantities

For kids 3+

This Match Learner Kit aims to help children to form their concept of numbers and the connection to the quantities they represent.

Match Learner Numbers & Quantities

Match-Learner Memo for Numbers & Quantities

Every Number is represented by different tiles of this game. For instance there is a tile showing the number “2” and another tile showing two flies – these two go together. In addition, there is a tile showing “1 + 1” which on the one hand represents 2 and on the other hand is also connected to the tile showing two seperate flies.

Using these different representations the concept of numbers, the quantity the represent and also the concept of order can be trained. The colorful design of the tiles keeps kids interested and motivated.

Tipp: To get started, one can use only the tiles showing the number (“2”) and the objects representing it (two flies). The third tile showing the arithmetic problem can be added later.

Contents: 48 tiles and an instruction in English.

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