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Turtles that snap!

These “Reptangles” turtles are building blocks for geometric constructions. They snap together and form the most amazing polyhedra. Two turtles can connect in more than 100 ways!

For everyone from 6 – 99!

Reptangles by Fat Brain Toys

Build with these 24 turtles

Based on one single construction all turtles have the same shape. But combining them gives so many opportunities to build, construct, and be creative! Educational play at its best.

Kids will start connecting these colorful turtles and they instantly create simple polyhedra. And using the symmetry given by the turtles themselves will give you even more complex geometric shapes.

Reptangles by Fat Brain Toys
Reptangles by Fat Brain Toys

Examples for polyhedra and symmetry possible with these “Reptangles”

Discover symmetry, rotations, and reflections. A full color booklet is included and gives more hints and guidance for more geometric exploration. Also, step-by-step-instructions to create specific polyhedra are included. So after creating a more simple truncated octahedron why not try to build a rhombic cubeoctahedron?

Reptangles by Fat Brain Toys

Different ideas to build with “Reptangles”

Clever designed and well thought-out these “Reptangels” give an optimal learning space to explore geometry.

Reptangles by Fat Brain Toys

The whole Reptangles-Set

About Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain Toys has been designing toys for more than 10 years. Their games are clever, motivating, and well-designed. The games' difficulty level is adjustable and materials are durable.

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