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Block Builders

Architecture – deconstructed and reconstructed

Visualize, conceptualize, and realize the world of architecture. “Block Builders” enables endless building and perpetual design. There are six hinged blocks which can be folded and unfolded to create architectural designs.

For Kids: 5 – 12

Block Builders by Fat Brain Toys

“Block Builders”: Six hinged building Blocks

Every block is hinged differently and can be unfolded into a particular special shape. Combining folded and unfolded blocks gives various designs of modern sky scrapers, classical designs, and geometric shapes.

Block Builders by Fat Brain Toys

These are the different shapes the Blocks can be transformed into

Test your architectural expertise with 50 challenge cards. They come in three levels of difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. On the front side, it shows the outline of an architectural shape. Now it's your turn: Use the specified number of blocks to recreate it.

Block Builders by Fat Brain Toys

One of the 50 Challenge Cards (Beginners). The Backside shows the solution!

There is an exploded view of the solution on the backside of every card. Take one challenge at a time and increase difficulty over time. This way, you can use techniques learned in earlier stages to solve harder challenges.

Block Builders by Fat Brain Toys
Block Builders by Fat Brain Toys

The “Block Builders”-Set

Block Builders is ideal for

  • Exercise your analytical abilities
  • Free-Form Exploraion
  • Engaging challenge cards with educational facts about architecture

The “Block Builders”-Set contains these six special blocks and 50 challenge cards.

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