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Stars in Gift Packaging

More fun with ITSPHUN: The star-shaped pieces can be used like the regular polygons. The structures you built will have a special look.

ITSPHUN Star Polygon Pieces

The star pieces: Hexagon (here green), Pentagon (red), Square (yellow) and Triangle (blue)

All pieces come in six colors: orange, light green, dark green, blue, purple, and red.

Using these Star pieces all structures gain an unique look. For instance, the platonic solids look like this:

ITSPHUN Star Dodecahedron

Dodecahedron and Cube made from these Star pieces


Mode Models using the ITSPHUN Star pieces

Of course you can combine these with the regular polygons of ITSPHUN (e.g. Set „Polygons“).

ITSPHUN: Set “Stars” in a Dodecahedron

The Gift packaged Star Set with instruction cards


  • 36 Star Triangles
  • 24 Star Squares
  • 24 Star Pentagons + 12 additional Pentagons from the Gift Box
  • 24 Star Hexagons
  • 14 cards with ideas, instructions, and models

ITSPHUN: Fun for ages 5 to 95


Buliding with ITSPHUN is fun!

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