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Polygons in Gift Packaging

ITSPHUN in a great gift packaging: The ITSPHUN polygons can be transformed into various 3D shapes. The colorful pieces encourage builders to create their own shapes. The simple and clever design of ITSPHUN makes it easy to put the polygons together.

In this version, the dodecahedron packaging of these polygon pieces is also made from ITSPHUN-pieces:

ITSPHUN: Set “Polygons” in a Dodecahedron

The polygon gift set includes polygons and information cards


  • 36 Triangles
  • 24 Squares
  • 24 Pentagons + 12 additional Pentagons from the packaging
  • 24 Hexagons
  • 14 colored cards with models, ideas, and inspirations in English

Some examples for models

With ITSPHUN you are able to create various models: platonic solids, archimedean solids, Johnson solids, prisms, space-fillings and a lot more.

ITSPHUN Dodecahedron
ITSPHUN Truncated Tetrahedron

Dodecahedron and truncated tetrahedron

ITSPHUN Stella Octangula

Snub Cube and Stella Octangula

ITSPHUN Truncated Octahedron

Truncated Octahedron and a Honeycomb-Structure made from this polyhedron

ITSPHUN Soccer Ball

A Soccer Ball made from Pentagons and Hexagons

More 3D-shapes made from ITSPHUN can be found at our ITSPHUN picture gallery.

Number of pieces: 120
Age: 5 to 95

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