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Brainstring Advanced

Can you untangle this? The colorful strings of the Brainstring Advanced can be moved using the buttons on the outside. Move them from hole-to-hole to place one, two, or three buttons of the same color on each surface. But be careful: Make sure there is no knot inside!

Brainstring Advanced

New Brain Teaser: Brainstring Advanced

You can move the strings using the buttons on both ends but you can't move them in any arbitrary direction. There are given paths on the outside and some spots where the strings can pass each other.

Brainstring Advanced

Using the Brainstring Advanced

The goal is to get all the buttons in the right place without the strings being tangled and twisted around each other. So you have to find the right order of moves to untangle all of the strings. And keep in mind: You can't move them in every direction – just along the given grooves.

Brainstring Advanced
Brainstring Advanced Gift Box

Brainstring Advanced

The shape of the Brainstring Advanced is based on the truncated octahedron. There are four squares and eight hexagonal faces. It includes 12 colorful strings.

For kids age 9 and up.

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