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Mini basic, 1200 pieces

Plus-Plus is a new educational toy from Denmark, which was developed to encourage children to create innovative and unique shapes. This set for frequent handicrafters includes 1,200 parts in size “mini” that come in the “Basic”-colors for really big and creative models.

Some inspiration for Plus-Plus models:

Some models using Plus-Plus Mini basic pieces

Plus-Plus was designed true to its slogan “One shape – Endless possibilites”. It consists of only one basic shape, the Plus-Plus. The Plus-Plus pieces are formed in this singular shape and are available in different colors and sizes. Parts of the size “mini” measure 2 cm x 1 cm.

Plus-Plus inspiration

There is just one thing that you need for playing with Plus-Plus and that is the imagination of a child. The puzzle pieces of the set “Mini-Basic” come in a mixture of the following colors:

Plus-Plus is made from PE plastic. It is free of PVC and phthalates and certified according to the EN71 standard.

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