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Book: Zome Geometry

Zome Geometry

A helpful book for all Zometool builders! More than 60 excercises, challenges and ideas brought together in 25 chapters. Expand your Zometool-Horizon with this hands-on learning book. Suitable for use in the classroom.

Written by mathematician George W. Hart and teacher Henri Picciotto this books combines mathematics with innovative and realizable teaching concepts.

Match Learner: Division 1 – 10

Division 1 – 10

Using the Match Learner game of pairs children can practice Division. All results will be whole numbers between 1 and 10. Suitable for children age 8 and above.

This box contains 100 tiles with different division problems, e.g. 49 : 7. To get a match one has to find another tile showing the same result, for example 14 : 2.