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Zometool is a modern and versatile construction system. Children, teachers, researchers and even Nobel Prize winners love this system, because it combines art, nature, architecture, science and mathematics in a playful way.

This simple, but still ingenious construction system enables users to effortlessly discover symmetries, build geometric shapes and accurately visualize highly complex structures.

For Zometool beginners we would recommend a system kit like “Creator 1” with 246 parts. People who know exactly what they want to build will find the perfect fit among project kits like “Crystallography” or “Green Lines”.

Zometool Crazy Bubbles
Zometool Crazy Bubbles

Crazy Bubbles is an entertaining and playful introduction to the world of Zometools. With the aid of soap suds you can create fascinating and unexpected structures in your Zometool formations. With Crazy Bubbles it’s easy to experience the fascination of Zometool with your children. read more ...

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