Zometool Creator 4

The Zometool kit for pros

  • 1,000+ pieces Teile
  • Struts in red, yellow, blue and green
  • Incl. Instruction CD


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For real pros and experienced Zometool builders. 300 nodes and struts with four different colors in three lengths open up a new dimension of the Zometool universe.

Zometool Creator 4 parts
Zometool Creator 4 parts chart

Of course you can construct all the models of the smaller “Creator”-kits like “Creator 1”. But with the additional green struts you can create completely new solids like the tetrahedron, the octahedron and the Archimedean solids. All parts are delivered in a mathematical tool box (color: green).

Zometool Creator 1 3D models
You'll recieve your Creator 4 in a green tool box like this

In addition, a DVD with an introduction to the world of Zometool is included in this kit. Discover the possibilities that this kit provides and create geometries bigger and more complex than ever before. Here is a short clip from the DVD:

You will learn all about the basic principles of the construction system as well as exciting models and experiments with soap bubbles that will inspire you to try them at home. A detailed instruction manual guides you through the topics that they can experience with Creator 4.

Show your kids with this construction kit how versatile and exciting geometry can be!

The green plastic box contains 1,188 parts – including a manual and an introductory film on DVD (about 15 minutes, both in English) – For experienced Zometool builders!

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