Set “Platonic Solids, Football, and Caleidocycle”


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This set contains five sheets of mathematical paper craft. In addition to all platonic solids you get a rotating caleidocycle and the pattern for a football.

Tetraeder, Oktaeder, Würfel bastelnBastelbogen DodekaederBastelvorlage Ikosaeder
Bastelbogen KaleidozykelFußball Bastelbogen

Following the color-coded faces of our prints you can see the connection between the icosahedron and the Football, which is a truncated icosahedron mathematically speaking.

Bastelvorlage DodekaederBastelvorlage KaleidozykelBastelvorlage IkosaederFußball BastelbogenBastelvorlage Oktaeder
Die geometrischen Körper, die Sie mit diesen Set basteln können

Since there are three patterns on one of the sheets you get seven geometries in total.

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