Plus-Plus: Mini-Pastel, 300 Pieces


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Plus-Plus is a new educational toy produced in Denmark and together with educators the pieces of the puzzle have been developed to encourage children aged 5 and above to create innovative and unique shapes.

This set contains 300 "Mini"-sized pieces in pastel colors and inspires everyone to play with them. Especially kids get encouraged to discover shapes and forms. They often start to build some 2D-patterns or ornaments and quickly light up when they realize that building in three dimensions is equally easy. The results look like this:

Plus-Plus in den Pastell-Farben Plus-Plus in den Pastell-Farben
Some examples for models you can build with this set of Plus-Plus pieces

It takes only a few minutes to create your first shape and since the rubbery puzzle pieces are reusable new forms emerge everyday. The soft pastel pieces are a collection of the following colors:

Plus-Plus Mini-Pastell Farben

The "Mini"-pieces are 2 cm x 1 cm per piece. Get your share of the creative Plus-Plus Fun today!

Plus-Plus Mini
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