Plus-Plus: Mini-Pastel, 1,200 Pieces


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This set contains 1.200 "Mini"-sized pieces in pastel colors and is suitable for a group of children aged 5+.

Plus-Plus Mini-Pastell Farben
Some examples for models you can build with this set of 1.200 Plus-Plus pieces

These 1.200 pieces guarantee endless fun for the whole family. You will be surprised how versatile the Plus-Plus pieces are. Within minutes the puzzle pieces will be transformed in the most wonderful shapes, forms and models. And having so many pieces in stock ensures building fun for everyone.

Plus Plus als Schmuck Plus Plus Hubschrauber

These are just some examples of the forms you can create when using your imagination. Let your inspiration take over and get creative. True to the Plus-Plus motto: “One Shape – Endless Possibilities”.

Color, Shape & Size

This set contains 1,200 pieces in pastel colors, a mixture of these:

Plus-Plus Mini-Pastell Farben

This set contains pieces of the “Mini”-Size:

Plus-Plus Mini

Plus-Plus consists of only one basic shape, the Plus-Plus. The pieces are formed in this singular shape and are available in different colors and sizes. Parts of this “Mini”-size measure 2 cm x 1 cm.

Plus-Plus is made from PE plastic. It is free of PVC and phthalates and certified according to the EN71 standard.

Stock Keeping Unit

Plus-Plus besteht aus PE-Kunststoff, ist PVC- und Phthalatfrei und nach EN 71 zertifiziert.


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