Plus-Plus: Mini-Pastel, 100 pieces


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This set contains 100 "Mini"-sized pieces in pastel colors and is suitable for one child aged 5+.

You will not be able to put these fascinating puzzle pieces down. The simplistic Plus-Plus shape makes a great inspiration for you and your kids. Transform the colorful pieces into whatever you can imagine. The parts fit together perfectly in many ways and want to be explored. Get inspired:

Plus-Plus Mini Pastell Plus-Plus Mini Pastell
Some examples for models you can build with this set of 100 Plus-Plus pieces

The "Mini"-pieces are 2 cm x 1 cm per piece. The pastel pieces are a collection of the following colors:

Plus-Plus Mini-Pastell Farben

With this set you will get 100 Mini-pieces in pastel colors. Watch them transform in your hands and try not to get addicted.

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