Plus-Plus: Mini-Neon, 300 Pieces


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This set contains 300 "Mini"-sized pieces in neon colors and is suitable for two or three children aged 5+. This puzzle encourages children to create innovative and unique shapes on their own. The vibrant colors ensure instant involvement and kids start to play right away.

Plus-Plus Mini Neon

Of course the Plus-Plus is free of harmful ingredients and super safe for kids. The rubber material Plus-Plus is made of ensures exact fitting pieces. So it is easy to make creations like this:

Plus-Plus Modelle Plus-Plus Schmetterling
Some Plus-Plus Mini neon models

This package contains 300 pieces and is a great way to start building. Use the Plus-Plus pieces to invent new models every day. 300 pieces can be shared amongst a few kids. These smaller parts are suitable for kids age 5 and up.

The "Mini"-pieces are 2 cm x 1 cm per piece. The neon pieces are a collection of the following colors:

Plus-Plus Mini Neon

Get started with Plus-Plus and join in the fun!

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