Plus-Plus: Mini-Neon, 1200 Pieces


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This set contains 1.200 "Mini"-sized pieces in neon colors and is suitable for a group of children aged 5+

The special Plus-Plus material ensures great interlocking puzzle pieces. It is really easy for children to connect the pieces. And this box is full of multi-colored Plus-Plus pieces. The double-plus shaped pieces fit together perfectly and can be used to make up a variety of models in 2D and 3D:

Plus Plus Zirkus

These are just some of the models which are possbile with 1.200 pieces. Take this as an inspiration but let your imagination run freely. Just start to connect the pieces and find out the many different ways to put them together.

Plus-Plus Mini Neon
Three-dimensional models with Plus-Plus
Plus-Plus Schmetterling
Two-dimensional models with Plus-Plus

The playful approach to shapes and geometry is what makes Plus-Plus brilliant. The neon pieces are a collection of the following colors:

Plus-Plus Mini Neon

The "Mini"-pieces are 2 cm x 1 cm per piece. With this box you will get 1.200 pieces. Enough material for the whole family!

Plus-Plus Mini
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