Plus-Plus: Mini-Neon, 100 pcs.


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This set contains 100 "Mini"-sized pieces in neon colors and is suitable for one child aged 5+.

This educational toy comes form Denmark and is used widely throughout Scandinavia. The colorful pieces activate childrens imagination and creativity. There is no manual included – solely because it is not needed. The vibrant colors are so appealing to children at every age that they just start playing. And creating. Emerging models may look like this:

Plus-Plus Mini Neon Garten Plus-Plus Modelle
Some Plus-Plus Mini neon models

These are just some examples of the wide range of shapes, forms and creations that are possible. The playful approach to geometry is what makes Plus-Plus so unique and fun.

Und so findet jedes Kind seinen eigenen Weg, sich zu entwickeln. Nach und nach bauen sie schwierigere und anspruchsvollere Modelle. Das fördert nicht nur die Feinmotorik, sondern auch die Kreativität. Die Plus-Plus-Teile „Neon“ haben folgende Farben:

Color, Shape & Size

This set contains 100 pieces in Neon-colors, a mixture of these:

Plus-Plus Mini Neon

This set contains pieces of the “Mini”-Size:

Plus-Plus Mini

Plus-Plus consists of only one basic shape, the Plus-Plus. The pieces are formed in this singular shape and are available in different colors and sizes. Parts of this “Mini”-size measure 2 cm x 1 cm.

Plus-Plus is made from PE plastic. It is free of PVC and phthalates and certified according to the EN71 standard.

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