Plus-Plus: Mini-Basic, 100 pieces


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Plus-Plus is a new educational toy from Denmark and encourages children to experiment with geometry, shapes, and patterns. Developed in cooperation with educators Plus-Plus provides a wide variety of applications. The colorful puzzle pieces stimulate and animate children to play with them. They fit together perfectly and can be connected in a lot of different ways. Exploring these connections inevitabily leads to building 2D and 3D models.

This set contains 100 "Mini"-sized pieces in basic colors and is suitable for one child aged 5+. Some forms made from this set of Plus-Plus:

Plus-Plus Mini Stand Plus-Plus Mini Flowers

The Mini basic pieces are 2 cm x 1 cm per piece and come as collection of the following colors:

Plus-Plus Mini-Basic: Colors

Use the activating concept of Plus-Plus and get your kids involved with geometry. Plus-Plus: Playful and educational puzzle pieces.

Plus-Plus Modelle
Einige Beispiele für Modelle mit Plus-Plus Mini-Basic
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