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Hexagons are simple structures, and they can be found in nature quite a lot: Snowflakes, honeycombs, turtle shells – they all come in the shape of hexagons. That's why “Hexactly” is all about exploring this special shape. Suitable for Kids aged 3+.

Hexactly: Modell 3Hexactly: Modell 1
Get creative with hexagons

24 building blocks made out of hexagons give you the opportunity to build 2D- and 3D-creations. The consistent measurements of all the building blocks makes them fit together perfectly. The colorful pieces offer room for your imagination and creativity.

The 24 pieces are either just one single hexagon or a combination of 2, 3, or 4 hexagons. Sometimes linear, sometimes not they challenge and inspire you to create and to build

Hexactly: SechseckeHexactly: Teile
Hexactly's Building Guide

Measures of a single hexagon: 3,2 x 3,8 x 1,9 cm.

This set comes with 24 building blocks and a “Building Guide” with 20 design challenges. Try to assemble structures in three stages: “Beginner”, “Intermediate”, and “(H)Expert”. Explore visual and spatial arrangements and get more information about hexagons.

Hexactly: Modell 4
Building in 3D with “Hexactly”
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